VOC Testing

Qualified VOC Testing Lab Offering Volatile Organic Compounds Testing and Analysis

The AQMD rule does affect all ILMA member companies that manufacture and sell metalworking fluids, direct-contact lubricants, vanishing oils and rust inhibitors.

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ASTM test method E 1868-10 was developed to determine compliance with California’s South Coast Air Quality Management (SCAQMD) District Rule 1144, and is now the only accepted VOC test method. The rule, which aims to measure volatile organic compounds to reduce VOC emissions from metalworking fluids and rust inhibitors, applies to all industrial users of the products and to the fluid manufacturers and marketers who supply them. Volatile organic compounds testing and analysis is required.

Herguth Laboratories is a qualified VOC testing lab offering volatile organic compounds testing and analysis.

Herguth VOC (Volatile organic compounds) testing using the loss on drying method: used to estimate the amount of volatile materials present in a material. VOC testing with the loss on drying method is a standard test method approved by ASTM that measures volatile organic compounds in metalworking fluids and rust inhibitors, a development with widespread ramifications for the lubricants industry.

Herguth’ ASTM test method E 1868-10 (loss on drying test) is useful for design purposes, service evaluation, regulatory statutes, manufacturing control, quality control, specification acceptance, development, and research.


Herguth Labs ASTM E1868 VOC’s methodology

VOC Limits and Effective Dates

Establish VOC limit of 50 grams per liter (g/l) of material for the use of direct-contact lubricants, 75 g/l of material for metalworking fluids and 130 g/l of material for precision metal removal fluids, effective January 1, 2012. Distinguish military specified rust preservatives from general metal protecting fluids and establish a limit of 340 g/l, effective January 1, 2011. Exempt the use of dimethyl carbonate for a unique metalworking application.


VOC Content Test Method

Establish a thermo gravimetric (“TGA”) test method to determine VOC content of applicable fluids, using ASTM Method E 1868-10, with AQMD quality assurance and quality control instructions.

Make sure your facility is in compliance by using Herguth as your VOC testing laboratory. Call us today about performing ASTM E1868 VOC testing.

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