Why Use Herguth?

Herguth Laboratories, Inc. is not only the leader in analysis services but also on plant assessment and setup of your oil analysis program.  We want to be your partner in a successful running program.

Proper lubrication of machinery is the single most significant contributor to the long, problem free, life of our machinery. It is estimated that 75% of all bearing failures are due to lubrication issues. Whether these failures are caused by contamination or just the wrong lubricant being installed the value of proper lubrication cannot be overstated.
A World Class plant lubrication programs begin with:

  • Assessment of the current situation
  • Establishing Goals
  • Documenting changes and improvements
  • Training and implementation
  • Implement continuous improvement program

We offer many industries and segments instrumentation planning, oil analysis program setup and a full service consulting lab all to achieve:


  • Parts Replacements — Reduced failures through improved maintenance & lubrication
  • Labor Costs — Reduced labor from failures and reservoir/system change outs
  • Waste Disposal — Reduced consumption of lubricants
  • Lubricant Consumption — New technologies, automatic systems and oil analysis
  • Chemical Consumption — Less chemicals in water treatment areas


  • Inspection Rourines – Monitor equipment temperature/operation
  • Avoidance of Unscheduled Downtime — Predictive/preventative maint.
  • Maintenance Scheduling — Setting up lube inspection & maint. routes
  • Risk Reduction Assestments — Understanding risks prior to testing


  • Less Downtime For Maintenance — Extended intervals utilizing analysis programs
  • Increased Machine Uptime — Increased component life through improved lubrication
  • Reduction of Unscheduled Downtime — Predictive/Preventative Maint.


  • Oil Analysis Programs — Oil sampling programs
  • Temperature Trending — Monitor equipment temperatures
  • Inspeciton Scheduling — Engineering surveys to input into PM programs
  • Failure Analysis Assistance — Analysis to determine root cause of failures


  • Gear Inspections — Inspect enclosed and open gearing
  • Bearing Inspections — Inspect for proper lubrication
  • Chain Inspections — Inspect for wear and proper lubrication
  • Leak Reduction— Inspection and equipment to determine oil leaks
  • Contamination Reduction — Proper lubrication & improved reservoir tank breathers


  • Design Support — Various system types for oil and grease lubrication
  • Inspections — Inspect systems for proper operation
  • Adjustment Support — Help to determine correct intervals and lube output of systems

You can also refer to our glossary of terms and our list of testing for specific volume requirements, per test.

For more information call 1-888-HERGUTH (1-888-437-4884).