Internet Lubricant Analysis Management Software

iLAMP™ is easy to use and can be accessed from anywhere you have Internet access. The program uses Internet Explorer 4.0 (or later) and Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (or later) to access our databases and present you with real-time reports.

You can maintain equipment information, including manufacturer and lubricant, sampling schedules, and any other pertinent facts. You can print labels or route lists to collect samples based on schedules you define. An email message can be sent to the laboratory regarding information, a technical question or any other communication you desire.

The live data is available for you to review, report, graph, print, or summarize. Ferro-graphic photos and graphic reports can be reviewed on screen or printed. You can even export lab data to an Excel spreadsheet for importing to other programs or formats.

iLAMP™ is a tool to facilitate the management of a professional lubricant analysis program. It provides live concurrent information with SGS Herguth Laboratories which will reduce errors, increase productivity, and bring the power of the laboratory to your desk.


iLamp Equipment Screen iLamp Graph Screen
Equipment Screen: Allows you to maintain information such as manufacturer and lubricant, as well as selecting equipment to sample. Graphic Representation: Sample limits and data can be viewed on screen or printed. Graphs can also be customized down to individual pieces of equipment or tests.
iLamp Trend Screen iLamp Reports Screen
Lab Data: Is trended over time to allow comparisons, with out-of-specification data highlighted. Comments from the lab are a push button away. Reports: Along with the standard lab reports, you can print various management reports to help you control your program.

The Internet Lubricant Analysis Management Program gives you the technology to monitor wear, contaminants, and the condition of vital equipment. It provides data that allows you to troubleshoot and adjust maintenance scheduling for maximum efficiency and savings.

Don’t troubleshoot equipment problems in the dark. Use iLAMP™ to light the way…


Simply contact SGS Herguth Laboratories for more information about iLAMP™. You may also request access to a demo system and discover the power of iLAMP™ for yourself.

If you are unable to open iLamp please click here for an alternate method of loading iLamp or check with your system administrator or contact SGS Herguth Laboratories.

For more information call 1-888-HERGUTH (1-888-437-4884).

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