Herguth Laboratories, Inc. delivers high quality, full service analysis of oil, fuel, grease, refrigerants, coolants and other maintenance fluids. Our lubrication analysis, equipment condition monitoring, and rapid solutions to tribological (wear and tear) problems help you reduce costs, increase productivity, avoid equipment downtime and extend equipment life.

We provide the most advanced and comprehensive testing capabilities of any independent oil analysis laboratory in the world today.

At Herguth Laboratories, quality means customer service. Our customers tell us that they enjoy working with us because our values and culture are significant contributors to the success of their initiatives. Our world-class skills and innovative techniques lead the industry in helping clients find answers to complex lubrication problems.

Herguth tests to ASTM and industry accepted standards and is ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 17025 and 10CFR50 Appendix B certified. By setting a high standard for lubrication analysis, Herguth Laboratories, Inc. makes a tremendous impact on client businesses with outstanding customer service, 95% on-time performance, high quality data validation, ease of access to data and multiple locations.

Through advanced analysis and equipment condition monitoring, we can trend your equipment and lubricant conditions to help you place regular maintenance cycles into effect.

When you need answers, our experts will call you with the results and help you make critical decisions. With easily accessible and measurable results, Herguth Laboratories is your partner in providing the right information on time and on budget.

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                  We are people and data you can count on!

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